• To provide strategic men’s ministry opportunities that will grow men in the churches and share Christ’s love in tangible ways in their community.
  • To provide opportunities – specifically for men – to fulfill God’s five purposes in their lives of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and mission.
  • READY 4C inspires, equips and encourages men and their families for discipleship and church outreach that leads to greater opportunities to serve and lead others.
  • To provide a multi-faceted men’s ministry programs that will help change a community while inspiring the men of their church.
  • To help turbo-charge the faith of men in their church to reach the world for Christ and for His second coming.
  • To build Christ-like character within individuals impacted by the work of their church.
  • To encourage discipleship and help build strong families.


  • To help train and empower men in the areas of discipleship, evangelism, and community service.
  • Using biblically-based information provide a multi-faceted approach to discipleship, evangelism, and biblical family values.
  • To equip men in becoming Christ-like in character while having a sensitivity towards their community.

Everything is better together. Come journey with us!